Stop Being Pummeled by Worry


Do worries ever keep you awake at night?

Do you ever find yourself feeling afraid about what the future might hold?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by pressures weighing down on you?

Do you ever try to escape from the pressures in your life through alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, pornography or television?

Do you find yourself feeling cynical or depressed about life?

Do you find yourself acting irritably toward others?

Do you struggle with high blood pressure, ulcers or chronic illness?

Unaddressed or mishandled anxiety causes severe damage to our soul and to our health. In the book Anxiety, Disorders and Phobias, Dr. Aaron Beck points out, “Worrying is costly. It can lead to health problems, impaired concentration, and much wasted time.” Charles Swindoll puts it more harshly: “I have never seen a gravestone that reads, ‘He died of worry.’ But some of them ought to read that way.”…

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